For Friends

Richmond holidays are great to come on with a friend or group of friends as there are so many fun times and memorable experiences to be had that are really meant to be shared. But whether you can come with or without your friends, our holidays are always a brilliant opportunity to make new ones!

You may arrive as strangers but as you get to know the other guests over dinner, in ministry or while out and about on excursions or doing sport, there’s no doubt you’ll leave as friends. We now have a few large groups of guests who first met on one of our Christian holidays and have since come every year together! Some guests even arrange their own reunions back in the UK.

On every week, every holiday is all about friendships. The evenings in our resorts are particularly geared toward this as our guests go down to dinner together after the ministry meetings, where you can mingle and chat over a delicious meal. After dinner we also run some optional evening entertainments, which may involve a team quiz, games or dancing, to fuel more of the fun and friendship. Our Resort Staff are also there to welcome and look after you during your holiday and can often feel like family by the time you leave.