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Sunshine Skiing

POSTED 15 January 2019 BY Verity

Ski 17 Snow Chalet

Here at Richmond, we love a ski holiday in March or April! Not ones to keep holiday tips secret, we thought it was time to share why we think a sunny spring ski holiday could be perfect for you! 


We love being in the mountains dur…

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Six reasons to go to The French Alps this summer!

POSTED 19 February 2019 BY Verity

French Alps Hot Tub

Deciding where to go on holiday can be a difficult decision. You have to consider the weather, whether to take others with you, the time of year, whether you want a restful or active holiday, how far you want to travel... The list of questi…

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Experiencing God’s presence in Samos

POSTED 20 November 2018

samos blog 1

A new addition to Richmond’s summer offering was a ReTreat week on the charming island of Samos. ReTreat week was specifically aimed at refreshment and renewal, helping people to feel encouraged and hopeful about moving forward in their fai…

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A Different Kind of Skiing Holiday!

POSTED 28 October 2018 BY Verity IN Ski

cross country skiing

Did you know that The Three Valleys resort is a fantastic place to enjoy cross-country skiing? Jean, one of our guests last January, enjoyed an amazing week with us cross-country skiing and has written to tell us all about it! Jean says: 

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