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Waiting in Anticipation...

POSTED 14 December 2017 BY Verity IN Ski

Ruth and Neil - Skiing

We spoke with Ruth, one of our guests, who booked her family holiday to Chalet Elise, Bettaix last week. She has written us a fantastic December blog - have a read and see why Ruth is looking forward to her ski holiday.

Ruth says...


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Best Kept Secrets of the Three Valleys

POSTED 6 February 2018 BY Verity IN Ski

Chalet November 2017

Here at Richmond, we have come up with a list of some of our favourite places to visit when on holiday in the Three Valleys ski resort. Some of them (1,2 & 5) can be enjoyed by pedestrians as well as skiers and snowboarders, so read on to d…

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Inspiring Places in Samos

POSTED 9 January 2018

Samos 16 Sunset View

Outside it is freezing, constantly drizzling and grey. Inside, everybody is back to work exhausted after a month of Christmas cheer and overindulgence... January may not be the most inspiring of months for many, but what better time to refl…

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