Themed Weeks

Richmond’s themed weeks are built around the focus of bringing like-minded people together to enjoy shared activities, learn new skills and meet people with similar passions.


In the summer, there are a range of themed weeks with some aimed at helping you experiment with or delve deeper into your a range of skills and hobbies including walking, painting, photography, creative writing, exploring Greek culture and even some dancing.

We also have weeks aimed aimed at travellers of certain ages, they also tend to have a higher proportion of solo-travellers so if you’re holidaying alone, these weeks may be perfect for you. The weeks are by no means exclusive to the advertised age ranges but we put on activities and providing times of ministry that are tailored to these demographics.


During our ski season, we run weeks aimed at guests who are travelling by themselves or with a group of friends and would like to meet and ski with others of a similar demographic. Click Solo travellers to see our dates for this season.

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Solo Travellers

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Samos Group Shot Greek Culture

Greek Culture