French Culture Week

What was life like in the mountains 100 years ago? How is the local Tomme de Savoie cheese made? This week, we take you on a journey of discovery.

New for 2019 we are very excited to launch our French Culture week! After the success of Greek Culture in Samos, we thought about the rich culture and history of the French Alps and what a great week we could run looking at Alpine culture.

The Savoie region, where our chalet is situated, is an area rich in French culture. Taste the local Savoie wines, cheeses and meats, discover the area’s rich history and learn about local traditions!

Here is a taste of the activities and excursions that will be running over French culture week:

  • Cheese and Wine – with a chance to see how these local delicacies are produced and the opportunity to taste the finished products!
  • Flora and Fauna – a guided walk around the local area looking for the famous whistling mountain marmots!
  • Fondu night and cooking demo at a local restaurant
  • Visit mountain refuges and churches including the Notre Dame de-la-vie.
  • “Become a shepherd" for the morning at Chez Pepe

Just to note… some of these excursions will be running at an additional cost.

Ready to book?

This Summer will see our first French Culture week in the French Alps, 27 JUL 2019.

Prices for this holiday start from £399 per person.

Talk to our friendly holiday consultants to learn more and book your holiday.