Walking Holidays

Explore the beauty of your holiday destination by joining our friendly and experienced guides on daily walks. 

Our walking weeks are always a highlight, with exceptional leaders taking you on exhilarating walks. Based in our summer resorts, the walks are carefully planned to seek out places of beauty and interest. These walking weeks are a great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.

Walking Weeks Summer 2020

21 May in Samos

11 July in French Alps

18 July in the French Alps

24 September in Samos 

Walking in Samos

There is so much of this beautiful Greek island to be explored, from the beaches to the towns and hills with magnificent views over the Aegean ocean! Our programme of walks ranges between 8-15 km, along roads and rough tracks which take in fantastic Grecian vistas and local scenes.

Breakfast and dinner at the hotel are already included (as with every Richmond holiday), but you will need to buy lunch each day. During the walks, we aim to use suitable local tavernas for relaxing and well-earned breaks but sometimes packed lunches need to be carried, which you can purchase at the hotel.

Walking in The French Alps

A way of exploring the Alps gently on foot with the opportunity to see the beautiful mountain flora, birds and wildlife. Use of the ski lifts during the week will give access to different areas across the mountains without having to spend every day walking up a mountain! Remember to bring your pair of binoculars which you can use on the walks to spot some of the local alpine wildlife.

We are running two walking weeks in Reberty this summer. The first week (11th - 18th July) will be an opportunity to enjoy the stunning Alps on a series of gentle walks, ranging from 2-4 miles per day. The second week (18th- 25th July) will be for those interested in more of a challenge, with walks ranging from 5-9 miles per day. Both weeks will be a chance to explore the mountains and the area surrounding the chalet. Enjoy fascinating walks amongst the local flora and wildlife along mountain trails with panoramic viewpoints and sparkling rivers.

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