Tour Leaders - 2019

Having run a superb tour of the Holy Land for Richmond in 2017, we are delighted to welcome Eric and Helen back as Richmond’s Israel 2019 Tour Leaders!

Eric and Helen Carter

Eric and Helen write:

"We have spent over 45 years in full-time Christian ministry and during this time have led 27 tour groups to Israel and other Biblical lands in the Middle East and around the Mediterranean.

A trip to the land of the Bible is always a very special occasion. We know it is often overstated by those who go to Israel but the Bible really does ‘comes alive’.

We thoroughly believe that getting your geographical and historical bearings first-hand helps you to obtain a better understanding of the teachings of Jesus and in fact the whole Bible.

Whether you are viewing the Temple Mount where the Jewish Temple once stood or walking the shores of the Sea of Galilee where Jesus preached about the Kingdom of God, you really do gain a better insight into the Bible and its background. It is a multi-sensory experience of what it must have been like to live in first century Israel.

So, it is a real privilege for us to lead another Richmond tour of Israel and we are excited at the prospect of meeting you and introducing you to the land of the Bible. In Israel, we will visit many fascinating sites where amazing events of the Bible took place, not least, of course, the climatic events of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.

We hope you will find the talks both informative and stimulating and that they will help you in your understanding of the Bible and in turn draw you closer to God. We are thrilled that you can join us for what we trust will be an inspiring, memorable and even life-changing holiday."

Eric and Helen

Guest Testimonials:

"The combo of Israeli local guide and Christian leaders worked exceptionally well, providing all the historical and local context, and then bringing in the biblical side brought to life the Christian angle, and also enabled the Holy Spirit to really move amongst us at some of the sites. The explanations on the bus worked well ahead of getting to the sites, and the planning and timing was meticulous and always very clear."

Rozanne. D, Israel, May 2017

"Excellent tour guide, David, very dedicated to the group. Eric and Helen were so committed to ministry, scripture and always honouring Jesus, which made the experience of being in Israel very special. I would go again with the same guide and tour leaders. Thank you all of you at Richmond."

Kym. B, Israel, May 2017

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