Equipment Hire

You can easily book your ski equipment with Richmond before you go on your holiday. The shops we work with are conveniently located nearby to our chalets so that we can ensure maximum time on the slopes!

How to Choose Your Equipment

To ensure you get the equipment that is perfect for you, you will need to think about the following factors:

1.    Would you like to hire a package or individual items? Our packages include boots, as well as skis/poles or a snowboard. Helmets can be hired separately.

2.    Which age group do you fall into? We can book equipment for Adults (15+), Teens (11-14), Juniors (6-11) or Children (3-5).

3.    Which level of skis best suit your needs?

Regarding level, for adults (aged 15+), we have the following options:

  • Blue: Ideal for novice, beginner and gentle skiers, these are easy, comfortable and flexible skis.
  • Red: Versatile and forgiving skis, suitable for all types of terrain. A good choice for intermediate skiers, who want to progress confidently at moderate speeds. Snowboards are available at Red level only.
  • Black: High-performance skis for confident skiers, allowing good control over the entire ski area.
  • Premium: Top of the line, latest-generation skis for experienced and confident skiers. Choose between Racing skis, Powder skis or All-Mountain skis, depending on whether you prefer to ski at high-speed on groomed slopes, challenge yourself off-piste, or enjoy a bit of both!

When you have the answered the above questions, you are ready to book your equipment hire!

How to Book Your Ski or Snowboard Hire

To book your equipment hire, please contact the office with the following information, up to three weeks before your departure date:

Date of birth

Level of ski (blue, red, black or premium) or snowboard

Boots required?

Helmet required?

Height (in cm)

Weight (in kg)

Shoe size (in EU sizing)

Number of days equipment needed


Please be ready to pay for your equipment hire as soon as you book it. To find out the daily price of the equipment that you would like, please contact our friendly Holiday Consultants. As an example, 6 days hire of the Red Ski Package may cost around £103 (dependent on daily exchange rate). Please call or email us to find out more!

You can either add your choice of package at the time of booking or up to three weeks before you are due to depart. This is so that we can pre-book and guarantee your preferred equipment.

If you book your holiday less than three weeks before your departure date you may need to hire your ski equipment in the resort ski hire shop upon arrival. This will be subject to availability and you won’t benefit from pre-booking through Richmond.

Skiing with Richmond?

Have a look at our Ski Checklist and ensure you’ve got everything booked and ready for your holiday in the stunning mountains of The Three Valleys!