Teen’s Club (12-17 yrs)

If the (big) kids are happy, you can relax! Our Teens Workers have a passion for youth work and will ensure that not only are your teenagers given one of the most memorable holidays ever but also that they are loving life in a safe environment and meeting people that will become lifelong friends from the word “go”. 

“‘For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, ’plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future'." Jeremiah 29:11

23 July - 26 August in Samos

01 August - 21 august in The French Alps



During the mornings we run a programme of activities that are fun, exciting and help the teenagers get to know each other. Activities start at approx 10:00 (so that your teenagers can still get that all-important lie in) and will finish at around 12:30.

In the afternoons, we run activities open to all, but primarily aimed towards 12-17 year olds. These activities are often a little competitive and parents are welcome to join in and challenge their offspring, reminding them who is boss..!

Activities depend on resorts and include team challenges, sporting activities, wide games, lighthearted competition, biking/kayaking, human cluedo, pool games and much more!

Evening Ministry:

It’s not always easy being a teenager, let alone a Christian one! We aim to provide an environment where the youth are free to be the amazing people God is creating them to be, in a relaxed environment and without any judgement. We want to inspire them, teach them and help them see God at work in their lives! We run short, engaging ministry sessions each evening, looking at Biblical truths and exploring what it means to live as a Christian teenager whilst sensitively tackling some of the issues today’s society throws up. Ministry times are all optional and we keep everything as accessible as possible

Evening Activities:

There are many fun evening activities after dinner, both at the hotel and in the local town. These may include late night swims, teaming up against the adults in various evening entertainment competitions or chilling out with a milkshake in the local town.

For further information on any aspect of our Summer programme, please call our helpful team on 020 3004 2661 or you can email us: info@richmond-holidays.com