‘Yassas’ from our new Interns

POSTED 11 September 2018 BY Verity IN Richmond Team

Richmond 2018-19 Interns 2 photo

We are thrilled to have Dan, Vicky, Jake and Lexi, (pictured left to right in the photo) our four fantastic new interns join our Richmond team. We caught up with them to find out how their first few weeks have been, what they have enjoyed and what they are looking forward to over the next year as they get stuck into Richmond life!

1. After choosing to spend a year with Richmond, what is it that you are particularly hoping to get out of the internship with us?

Jake: To strengthen my people skills. I think the constant engagement with people of all different ages and backgrounds will really strengthen my personality and help me to be able to talk with anybody. I’m looking forward to gaining new qualifications in things that I have not tried before such as sailing, windsurfing and powerboating.

Vicky: I’m excited about having new experiences and challenging myself. I’m also excited to work with the team, meet loads of new people and learn how to ski. I’m looking forward to experiencing the ministry on offer and using this to deepen my relationship with God and to help me serve in this new environment.

Dan: To obtain my dingy instructor qualification and then I will be able to teach others how to sail so that they can also enjoy sailing and feel confident to take a boat out. Also, I look forward to growing my faith through times of ministry, reading my Bible, praying more and feeling inspired by God’s beautiful creation!

Lexi: I plan to use this internship as an opportunity to grow spiritually and get a closer relationship with God. I’m really looking forward to getting to know all the guests – to see what makes people tick! Also, improving my overall skills in the outdoor activities that are on offer on a Richmond holiday. And finally, working alongside an incredible team and getting to know the other three interns better.

2. Now that you have experienced and been part of the last couple of weeks in Samos, what do you think it is that makes a holiday with Richmond different from other holidays?

Dan: On a Richmond holiday, everybody is looked after and we offer a variety of activities to meet each of our guests’ needs. It is this special effort and attention to detail that makes Richmond stand out to other places that I have been on holiday. 

Vicky: I’d say the interaction between staff and guests and how guests are not just seen as customers, but as people to build relationships with. Even in free time, guests are still a priority to staff and the staff will go out of their way to ensure that guests are having the best time.

Jake: The staff–guest relationship, and how the staff will do anything to make the guests comfortable and happy. But also, that the guests come with the attitude and expectation to engage, meet new people and to join the Richmond community.

Lexi: Definitely the Christian element, the times of group ministry, worship on the beach and the morning prayer meetings are all really special. And I’d have to say the staff – they just go above and beyond, they are all so kind, welcoming, cool, and are always ready to help.

Richmond 2018-19 Interns

3. During your first week you were helping with the Teens and Kids clubs – what were some of your favourite moments?

Vicky: I enjoyed developing friendships with each of the kids and seeing how they grew to really trust me. Their responses when I told them about Jesus were really refreshing - they wanted to pray and were so excited about the stories and truths that we can take for granted. They bought a lot of fun to our ministry times!

Jake: I particularly enjoyed being in the pool with the teens as they found so many inventive new games to play. It was also great to have the opportunity in the evenings to have deeper conversations and chill out playing card games with the teen group.

Lexi: A highlight was when Elo, one of the little girls, swam a full width of the pool for the first time! Also, I enjoyed taking the kids on a treasure hunt, doing ‘Simon Says’ on SUPs (trickier than it looks!) and getting to know the kids and teens better, as they were great to hang out with.

Dan: I particularly enjoyed the cycle ride to Psili Amos, where we swam in the sea and played games with the teens. It was great to show them round the island and to get to know them better.

4. One of the main jobs for our Interns when in Samos is being part of the waterfront team. How have you found working on the waterfront so far?

Lexi: It’s SO fun! There is a lot to learn - as I didn’t really know much beforehand – but the team have been fab as they have explained everything to me many times! It’s nice to now have an overall picture of how the waterfront runs. Also, I have enjoyed becoming more confident in the various jobs I have to do, e.g. being able to rig any of the boats that the guests want.

Jake: There is a lot to learn, but the staff here are very helpful and patient in explaining everything. When I have had the opportunity, I have done some windsurfing and sailing lessons myself! These lessons have given me basic knowledge so that things fall into place with the other jobs I’ve been doing on the waterfront, e.g. launching boats from the beach and completing the powerboat qualification which I am currently doing.

Dan: I enjoy being part of the waterfront team and working together to give guests the best experience and helping keep them safe on the water.

Vicky: I’ve really enjoyed it, there is a lot to learn(!) so I’m always kept on my toes, but it has been a lot of fun and great to work in such a dynamic team. Also, it has been great to see the guests just go for it and improve their skills over the week. Every day I think how amazing it is to work in such a beautiful environment!

Richmond 2018-19 Interns photo

5. Is there anything in particular that you would like prayer for over the next 12 months?

Lexi: To really learn to listen to God and to take the opportunities that He presents to speak to the guests I will be meeting, and that God will help me know what to say. Also, that we will all have plenty of energy and enthusiasm to best serve all the guests that we will be meeting over the next year.

Vicky: That I continue to put my faith first and that God will give me wisdom in any faith conversations with guests, other staff members, ministry leaders etc. To continue to make strong friendships within the team and to grow in the environments that I’m working in.

Dan: I would appreciate prayer for guidance and wisdom in decisions that I will be making, especially regarding what I’ll be doing following my year with Richmond.

Jake: That I don’t break a leg skiing! I’d like prayer that us four interns will be like the interns that have just left – that our relationship will grow to be just as strong and that we would work effectively as a group and welcome people in.

Dan, Lexi, Jake and Vicky are looking forward to meeting many of you over the next year at our chalets over the winter and Samos this September and next summer!