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POSTED 19 July 2018 BY Bethany IN Summer

samos triathalon

At the Zefiros Beach Hotel, it’s a good idea to remember this simple principle: the more you do, the more honey doughnuts you can eat! Bethany writes more....

I am not an exercise fan. I was never the fastest runner or keenest member of the sports team - but what I do love is pool-side ice creams... And cake for breakfast (why do we not do this more in the UK?!)... And glasses of chilled sweet wine by the harbour of an evening. So this year, in Samos, it was time to do some maths.

30 mins pool aerobics = 1 iced cappuccino

Samos 17 Water Aerobics

Each week in Samos, we enjoy Pool Aerobics with Georgia for half an hour in the afternoon. People of all ages jump and twirl to everything from Justin Bieber to Abba - it’s always a lot of fun! True, the resistance of the water makes it a great, low impact work out, but even better is the hilarity of coming together for a mass production of Macarena in the pool! Sunbathing on-lookers are given quite the show!

In return, I like to treat myself to an iced coffee by the pool. I stretch out on the sun lounger, smothered in Factor 30 (I am so pale!) and sip my drink feeling like I’ve earned every mouthful. Even if I get the type of coffee with ice cream... And a Magnum to help it go down...! The Greek really know how to do coffee and with a fantastic pool bar at hand offering a delicious range of choices, it’s impossible to resist!

Participating in the Richmond triathlon = Mythos, some honey doughnuts and a whole lot of respect

samos triathalon

In classic Richmond spirit, a friendly, (slightly competitive...!) and hilarious triathlon sits at the centre of the week’s timetable, which sees young and old race for the finish line. I practise my skills as a cheerleader as those competing grab a bike for the 5 minute cycle, their trainers for the 100m sprint and their swimmers for the final splash to glory! The bikes are a particularly popular part of the holiday - with so many gorgeous places to visit on the island throughout the week, I like to use a hybrid for a relaxed, coastal ride around the bay, while others jump on mountain bikes to explore some of the hillsides with the experienced Richmond guides.

In Samos, the local beer is called Mythos, and for those who like a cool one to end the day, there is nothing better! Imagine the scene: a victorious triathlon winner, taking his place on the podium, showering his shaken Mythos over us in true celebratory style! A great way to continue the triathlon celebration is with some delicious honey doughnuts. These small, freshly made treats are decadently soaked in local Samos honey (which tastes all the better for its authenticity!) and sprinkled with a light dusting of cinnamon. I particularly recommend these for an after-dinner treat; as you sit under the stars, smelling the fresh basil and mint growing around you and listening to the rhythm of the cicadas, be careful not to get the honey on your shorts - you will be sticky for hours!

Learning a new skill on the waterfront = a trip to Chillbox for lavishly topped frozen yoghurt

samos Chillbox

In Samos, it’s hard to resist the call of the sparkling Aegean sea in the warmth of the Mediterranean sun. With sailing boats, paddle boards, kayaks and wind surfing equipment, there really is something for everyone to try and love! A particular treat is paddle boarding in calm waters with great company. I am no pro and after half an hour of attempting to stand and experiencing Bambi-style leg wobbles, I finally manage it and breath a contented sigh as I enjoy the rest of the early afternoon paddling around the bay with crystal clear waters. Falling in three times is all part of the fun and a great way to cool down!

My core strength is definitely exercised on the paddle boards and a wonderful reward for the afternoon’s achievement is with a delicious frozen yoghurt in Pythagoria. “Chillbox” sits right at the water’s edge of this vibrant harbour town and can be recognised by its bright pink sign! Inside the cafe, a self-service frozen yoghurt dispenser allows you to choose between a range of flavours - including praline (which I recommend!). Then head over to the counter and try not to get too excited as you top your dessert with warm melted chocolate, fresh fruit, and homemade brownie pieces. With views of lights reflecting in the water, sounds of live Greek music from a local taverna and the warmth of the evening breeze on my skin, I stop thinking about the maths of it all and dig in!

There are so many other things to enjoy with the amazing Richmond team in Samos! For example, also on offer is the tranquil 7.30am bike ride to a beautiful nearby bay with Lynne, which I decided to skip this year due to previous arrangements with my bed. No, I did not complete the exercise. Yes, I still had the ice cream. I mean, come on - that’s what holidays are all about after all... ☀️

Why not join me? Samos has so much to offer!

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