Ode to Reblochon

POSTED 12 March 2018


Have you ever tried taking soft French cheese back to England?

Well, two of our guests recently tried to take some Reblochon back to the UK through Chambery airport and wrote a hilarious ‘Ode to Reblochon’ about their experience! 


Ode to Reblochon

When off to France
Do have a care
Make sure to taste
The local fare

And if in Savoie
When you ski
Be sure to dine
In Reberty

A meal that you are
Sure to get,
Is scrummy, cheesy,

If you’re a cook
Who loves to ski
You’ll want to know
The recipe

So what you’ll need
(Il et tres bon)
Is local cheese -
le Reblochon

Well, budding chef
And his dear wife
Both loved to ski
And live the life

They bought said cheese
To take it home
And make the dish
As they’d been shown

The precious cargo
Wrapped up tight
Was packed in bag
Before the flight

At airport check-in
Luggage weighed,
Passports, tickets
(No up-grade☹️)

Bag is waiting
X-ray screen
Contents hidden
Not yet seen

‘Please open bag’ -
The guard did say
A terrible stench
Then hit the day

Oh no, shock, horror,
The guards they freeze
Noses a-twitch
‘Where is the cheese?’

Enquiries the guard:
Fromage, mais non?’
Reply the couple:
‘Deux Reblochon’

Guard three comes over
Clip board, suit,
‘What is ze problem?’
- Forbidden loot!

‘Ce n’est pas possible
This I will tell:
That cheese can hide
Explosive gel!’

On no, what calamity
What a to do
If only the cheese
Hadn’t made such a pooh

But guards are kindly:
‘Madame must ‘ave  cheese!’
Escorted to check-in desk
‘In the hold please’

So always be careful
When flying home dairy,
If you take soft cheese
You’ll need to be wary

For an innocent tourist
Who buys Reblochon
Might well become suspect
Of hiding a bomb!

Ode by Gill & Kate Snook

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