Let’s go surfing! Near Brighton... In a field!

POSTED 1 February 2018 BY Verity

Surfing Sarah Clownfish.com


Bringing water sports to the middle of the countryside may not be the most obvious idea for what to do at an event, but it certainly is an exciting one!

In order to promote our summer holidays, we wanted to bring ‘summer’ to our stand at Big Church Day Out, a Christian music festival located near Brighton! This is not necessarily an easy task because as we all know the British weather is unreliable, especially over a bank holiday weekend!


I love to think of creative ways to get attention from passers-by at the conferences Richmond exhibit at and this is when I thought about working with Clownfish Events. As our flagship resort is on a Greek island, I wanted to incorporate our passion for water sports into our stand! By partnering with Clownfish, we were able to hire a fantastic surf simulator for the festival. Over the weekend we had hundreds of people having a go surfing! It was a great activity and was hilarious to watch people of all ages surfing the waves for 99 seconds, trying not to wipe out!

Surf Simulator clownfishevents.com

If you’re looking for extraordinary entertainment, I can definitely recommend Clownfish Events. Not only are they really friendly and easy to work with, but they have a warehouse full of Retro Arcade Games, Interactive Experiences and the latest Digital Photo Booth technology. From the classic to the quirky, there is something for everyone, whether you’re planning a corporate or community event, a wedding, or a birthday party. They have a huge range of options including a giant 8-Lane Scalextric, a Mirror Photo Booth, and a DJ Mash Machine where you can mix your own tunes… Can you imagine the kind of party you could throw with their help!

I look forward to working with Clownfish events again soon… I currently have my eye on their snow globe, which looks like a lot of fun – who wouldn’t want the chance to get a photo in a huge snowing snow globe!  


 Surf Simulator 2 clownfishevents.com