One or Two Spoons?

POSTED 22 February 2018 IN Summer

Samos 17 rich tarr ice cream

One of our fantastic Interns, Sacha, has been reflecting on her time in Samos last September and has come up with a list of the places in Pythagoria that are essential to visit – especially if you fancy a sweet treat whilst on holiday in Samos! Sacha writes:

One of the best things about going on holiday is the treats! In my opinion (and many others’), Pythagoria is far and away the most superior destination on Samos Island to satisfy any sweet tooth or meet any sugar craving, with four places in particular immediately springing to mind.

Ice Cream 1

First on the list has to be the famous ‘Two Spoons’. This gorgeous café is nestled in a peaceful nook of Pythagoria’s sweeping harbour. It is here, amongst pastel garden furniture stretching out from endearing striped awning, that culinary magic occurs! The complimentary iced water adorned with fruit appears first, while you decide which of the delicious desserts to taste first. Whether it is a colossal gooey brownie, a milkshake decorated (literally) with a doughnut, a smooth dark chocolate lava cake, or an ice cream sundae of your own composition, this confectionary gem is a necessary part of every chocolate lover’s trip to Pyth. It is a café in a league of its own, where only you can make the obvious decision - to ignore the sharing implication of its name and tackle one of these treats on your own!

Ice Cream 2

Next up is the brightly coloured and incredibly tasty gelato ice cream parlour which holds a legendary status amongst many of our guests and staff. The parlour in question is situated just metres from the marina, on Pythagoria’s charming cobblestone high street, and goes by the name of ‘Orange’. Here, one can peruse a fantastic range of ice cream flavours, with many classic fruity options as well as some more unusual flavours – including, of course, their namesake orange ice cream! Personally, I favour their mass of chocolate-based options. Whether you choose to snack on a Ferrero Rocher inspired gelato, or a creamy Kinder Bueno cone, there is certainly something here for anyone who is partial to an ice cream! What better way to to break up a lethargic Grecian afternoon – or indeed, a balmy Friday evening on Richmond’s visit to Pythagoria at night? 

Samos 17 rich tarr ice cream

Less documented perhaps, but equal in status as far as culinary prestige is concerned, is the cool, whitewashed sanctuary of the effortlessly professional ‘Storia Dolce’. This shop is also based on the main high street, although this charming little parlour sits further up the gently rolling hill that stretches down to the open sea. ‘Storia Dolce’ offers a speciality which is different to its other competitors and yet equally delicious: waffles. Its ice creams are exotic, including many fruit and yoghurt blends, alongside some refreshing sorbets. These, when combined with a choice of nuts, confectionary and sauces and placed on top of a tasty soft bubble waffle, provide a flawless conclusion to an afternoon visit to this idyllic marina!

Ice Cream 3

The final port of call, where sweet-toothed tastes are concerned, is the dairy based wonderland, ‘Froyo’. Situated at the top of Pyth’s sloping seaside hill, it is a shangrai-la of confectionary, granola and molten chocolate creations, all heaped upon - as its name may suggest - frozen yoghurt. Help yourself to a cup (the size of your choice), choose from the flavours of the day and scoop away, before covering your masterpiece in whichever delights you wish from the countless containers of sweet treats. The end result is weighed, and payed for accordingly in a charmingly archaic manner and then you are free to sit on the sun kissed stones of the high street to enjoy your indulgence as you watch the world go by!

Ice Cream 4

If reading this blog has left you craving a delicious sweet treat and a holiday with Richmond on the stunning island of Samos this summer, then you can find out more information about our holidays here! We hope to see you there.

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