Best Kept Secrets of the Three Valleys

POSTED 6 February 2018 BY Verity IN Ski

Chalet November 2017

Here at Richmond, we have come up with a list of some of our favourite places to visit when on holiday in the Three Valleys ski resort. Some of them (1,2 & 5) can be enjoyed by pedestrians as well as skiers and snowboarders, so read on to discover where to visit on your next holiday!

1)      The perfect alpine restaurant:

If you are after a lunch of traditional French cooking and the chance to sample local dishes from the Savoyard region, then Chez Pépé Nicholas is where you need to go! Even if you are just looking for a quick drink, then their “Chocolat chaud avec chantilly” does not disappoint. These hot chocolates are served the traditional French way – in a bowl(!) – and will definitely provide plenty of energy to keep you going on the slopes!

Where: Accessible by ski or car. To ski, you will need to go up Bruyeres 2 or Mont de la Chambre then ski down blue slope ‘Pluviometre’. Before reaching the end of the piste, instead of branching left for Val Thorens, head right. Follow signs for the red run ‘Chasse’ and about ¾ of the way down the slope there will be a sign for Chez Pépé Nicholas.

Phrase to remember: “Bonjour! Je voudrais Chocolat chaud avec chantilly, s’il vous plait.”

 Chez Pepe Nicholas

2)      Les Menuires best bakery and patisserie:

With the promise of a holiday in France around the corner, you may find yourself sat at your office desk daydreaming about the beautifully crafted patisseries to come: perfectly plump chocolate eclairs, delicately glazed fruit tarts, crisp identical Mille Feuilles and, of course, the classic flaky, buttery croissant… Mmmmmm! Well, if you find yourself craving any of these things when you are on holiday, then head to ‘Le Tilbury’, a bakery in Les Menuires that offers a selection of delicious treats, freshly made each morning!

Where: Le Tilbury bakery is situated in les Menuires at ‘La Croisette’ shopping area in the town centre.

 Coffee & Croissant

3)      A picturesque picnic spot:

There are so many panoramic views to be enjoyed in the Three Valleys Resort. One of our favourites is found at Roc De Fer, a mountain top between Méribel and St-Martin-de-Belleville. Not many people know about this spot, so take a seat at the picnic table and admire the 360° views whilst tucking into your baguette.

Where: There is only one way to the top of this viewpoint: the Olympic chair lift, which is situated in the Méribel valley. From the top, you can either ski back into Méribel or down a lovely blue run into St-Martin-de-Belleville.

 Chair Lift to viewpoint

4)      Have you skied this piste?

The furthest point on the piste map – Courchevel 1650 – has some stunning rolling slopes. These include some blue slopes like ‘Plan Mugnier’, ‘Lac Ariondaz’ and ‘Gemtoame’, which all give you the opportunity to practise your carving technique and make you feel like you’re flying!

Where: Head over to Courchevel 1650 (ask the Richmond team for directions if uncertain of the best route). We would recommend aiming for the ‘Chanrossa’ chairlift and enjoying the blue runs that take you from the top of ‘Chanrossa’ to you to the bottom of the ‘Signal’ chairlift.

 practising carving in Courchevel

5)      Afternoon treat – enjoy the best waffles with a stunning view!

On a sunny day, head to our favourite snack shack, situated beside restaurant ‘Chalet des Neiges’ in Les Menuires (but don’t be confused with Richmond’s chalet in Reberty that has the same name!). The little hut is surrounded by rows of deck chairs angled towards the stunning view of the mountains. We would always recommend getting a Nutella waffle or “une gaufre Nutella” - it is the perfect thing to look forward to after a day on the mountains!

Where: This snack shack is located at the top of the Roc 1 gondola, which can be caught in the centre of Les Menuires. You can also get to the shack by skiing down the red run, ‘Allamands’.

Tips: This snack shack is only open on sunny days. If snowing, the Chalet des Neiges restaurant will be open but you will not be able to order waffles!

Phrase to remember: “Bonjour! Je voudrais une gaufre Nutella, s’il vous plait.”

 Waffle stop - les Menuires

Find out some more information about our ski holidays here. Do let us know if you would like to share with us any of your own favourite places that you have discovered in the Three Valleys.