Stabbing a Haggis, enjoying a dram of whisky and striping the willow...

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Stabbing the Haggis

Last Thursday we hosted our very own Burns Night at Chalet des Neiges in Reberty! Guests from both chalets joined together to celebrate this lively Scottish tradition that pays tribute to national bard, Robert Burns. This night has been celebrated for over 200 years and is a great excuse to enjoy some traditional Scottish food and poetry!

A Scottish Feast:

Once everybody was seated in the dining room, the haggis was paraded around the room to the sound of bagpipes courtesy of Spotify (in lieu of a piper!). On reaching the top table, the haggis was officially welcomed into the room with Hugh, one of our guests, reciting the “Address to a Haggis”. Following this, he brandished a knife and stabbed the “great chieftain o‘ the puddin’-race” - releasing the Haggis!

Addressing the Haggis

The Haggis was then served as a starter to everyone, prepared as demanded by some of our Scottish guests “without the abomination of a garnish”. We then enjoyed a delicious meal of Coq-au-Vin with dauphinoise potatoes and, for dessert, an Eaton Mess with a Scottish twist (Scotch!), prepared by our fantastic chefs.

Poems, Songs and Whisky:

Following the meal, everybody enjoyed a “wee dram” of Highland Whisky, selected by our resident whisky expert – AKA one of our Scottish guests, Peter! Everybody entered into the spirit of the evening, sharing Scottish poems, stories and even a few traditional Scottish songs!

Burns Night - Scottish songs

Everybody then retired to the lounge for a ceilidh. The dances were called and led by our “Master of Ceremonies”, Rick, who was sporting a traditional tartan kilt for the occasion. It was a fantastic evening with lots of laughter, dancing and singing!

 Burns Night - Scottish dancing Burns Night - Scottish dancing 2

Burns Night - Scottish dancing 3 Burns Night - Scottish dancing 4

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