Inspiring Places in Samos

POSTED 9 January 2018

Samos 16 Sunset View

Outside it is freezing, constantly drizzling and grey. Inside, everybody is back to work exhausted after a month of Christmas cheer and overindulgence... January may not be the most inspiring of months for many, but what better time to reflect on the warmth and fun of last summer or to start planning your 2018 holiday? Maisie, one of our interns, has been doing just that - here are three of her top places to visit in Samos.

Maisie writes:

“In Samos last summer, I had the opportunity to visit a number of picturesque places dotted around the island. While you cannot beat time spent enjoying the facilities around the hotel, beach and the Richmond waterfront, I really enjoyed exploring the island, finding places full of Greek culture. It is a wonderful way to feel more immersed in the Grecian way of life; Kokkari, Psilli Ammos and Pythagoreio all provide a different experience ready and waiting to be explored!


Samos 17 Cat

Just a short journey from the resort, Kokkari is a town on the edge of the water bursting full of life. The higgledy-piggledy streets are filled with tavernas and little shops offering a myriad of options for souvenir purchases. Then you come to the harbour edge that boasts even more tavernas! A comical aspect of the town is the way that it is full of characterful cats that are amusing to watch as you enjoy a delicious ice cream wandering through the enchanting alleyways. One of my favourite things to do in Kokkari is to walk right around to the end of the row of eateries to look out to the horizon standing on the harbour wall. Both at night and during the day, this town is never short of a captivating scene. It is well worth the visit!!

Psili Ammos

Samos 17 Psili Ammos

Psilli Ammos is easily one of my favourite locations to spend time and be still. It is conveniently situated just around the headland from our very own Mykali Beach! It is the perfect place to spend an early morning or a sunset evening and you can make your way there by wandering along the beach or by taking one of our Richmond bicycles. Just a half-hour walk will take you to this oasis tucked into the coastline where you can enjoy the white sands, swim in the warm waters, or simply sit and sip a drink as you take in the view stretching out across the bay. One evening after we’d finished work on the beach last summer, I cycled to Psilli Ammos with my sketchbook. I then sat in a lovely taverna at the very edge of the crystal clear water and sketched. It was so still and the shallow waters were more than warm enough to paddle in, even in the evening sun that was beginning to head for the horizon on my right.


Samos 17 Pyth

The third spot I’d like to mention is the town of Pythagoreio. This gorgeous place is also filled to bursting with offers of delicious food and drink as well as a historical aspect. At the heart of Pythagoreio is an archaeological site and informative museum about the town and its history. There’s also the Pythagoras statue as you wander along the harbour wall - an ideal place to get your tourist photo, look at the glistening sea and feel the buzz of the people around. Full of bobbing yachts and fishing boats moored up along the edge, whether you’re visiting in the evening or during a sunny afternoon, Pythagoria is a town that always feels alive. This plays a big part in making it an ideal corner of the island to spend time wandering, whether through the unique shops – including many beautiful jewellery and hand-painted pottery places – or along the sparkling turquoise sea.

These are just a few glimpses showing the incredibly alluringly spots that the island of Samos has to offer… view our summer resort and come and see for yourself!"

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