Question time: Maisie, Ben, Tom, Sacha

POSTED 28 November 2017 BY Verity

Intern training

Richmond’s Interns have spent the last few weeks in the south of the UK doing some inter-season training. We decided to find out a little bit more about them, why they decided to do the Richmond Internship and how we can pray for them over the next few months.

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

Maisie: I grew up living in West Sussex. Last year I spent the year in Oxford studying a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, at Oxford Brookes University. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with a community of creative and intellectual minds, while also exploring my own strengths and interests in many areas of artistic practice.

Ben: I grew up near the beautiful city of Preston on a small farm, and have just finished doing my A levels at a local college. I love playing football and my six-aside team ‘Big Fish United’ ended the season mid-table last year!

Tom: I have just finished my A-levels, where I studied Physics, Chemistry and Biology – which was my favourite subject! My hobbies include playing table tennis and the guitar as well as running the sound desk at church and school events.

Sacha: My early childhood was spent overseas in Singapore. My family then moved to London where we spent five years, before settling in Suffolk. I attended a Naval school for my secondary education and sixth form, leaving at the end of the summer term just gone.

Interns 2017-18

Why did you choose to do the Richmond internship?

Maisie: It became clear to me during my year at University that I wanted to take a year out after the completion of my course, before deciding which area to pursue my higher education. I wanted to find something that would enable me to build a larger repertoire of skills and work in a team that would be supportive in both my faith journey and personal growth - just what the internship with Richmond offers.

Ben: I love to lead worship and bring people into God’s presence; hopefully I can continue to do this over this year. It is a year to give everything I have towards serving God, something that is a bit scary but very exciting!

Tom: I decided I wanted to work with Richmond as I wanted to develop my faith, personal and practical skills. Over the year I would like to work on becoming more responsible, improving my organisational skills, and working in a team. Additionally, I see this as a chance to draw closer to God.

Sacha: I choose this internship because I wanted to strengthen both my faith and my ability to work with people of all ages. The internship offers the opportunity to develop my social skills alongside technical ones such as sailing. I look forward to drawing on the Christian input of many different people over the year, as well as the chance to share my own faith.  

Interns sailing 2017

What’s one of your highlights of the inter-season training you have been doing so far?

Maisie: Some highlights for me from the inter-season training include the theory we have been learning at CYE, as part of our sailing training. I also really enjoyed being taught various food preparation skills with Reece, who will be head chef at Reberty for the ski season. We learned how to prepare the vegetables, construct the staple dish of Tartiflette and bake some very tasty brownies too!

Ben: As dry as it makes me sound – the sailing theory that we have been learning I have found really interesting! It is fascinating to learn what goes on behind the scenes of sailing a boat – things that can impact your sailing and how you can fine-tune your technique.

Tom: I really enjoyed the pre-entry assessment for the sailing instructor course, it was complex what you are expected to be able to do, and I enjoy a good challenge!

Sacha: Two definite highlights of our inter-seasonal training have been the chef training and the day with Richmond’s Media and Marketing team. The first experience developed skills necessary for the ski season and was a fun and welcome break from the intense sailing training! The second experience was useful in terms of allowing me to witness the everyday running of the office and working with the Marketing team was invaluable for me, as over the last few years I have nurtured a desire to become a journalist – I’m looking forward the opportunity to write blog posts over the year!

Interns cooking 2017-18

How can we pray for you over the next few months?

  • Masie: We would all appreciate prayer for safety while we are out on the slopes! Alongside that, prayers that we will benefit from the fellowship we have with one another working in the chalets for the ski season and that each and every guest coming out feels blessed and refreshed during and after their time with us in the beautiful French Alps.
  • Ben: Perseverance and stamina as well as safety – I have been known to get myself into tricky situations...!
  • Tom: Please can you pray for continued passion and drive towards God, and to ensure I keep my faith as a central focus in my life.
  • Sacha: The most crucial prayer for me and the rest of the interns I would suggest would be a maintained energy and excitement towards serving all of our guests and through them our Lord. I would ask that prayer is directed at keeping us safe while we have fun and learn more about God, and what it is to serve people.