Meet our new Interns!

POSTED 15 September 2017 BY Verity IN Summer, Richmond Team

Intern girls 2017-18

We can’t believe it’s this time of the year already - time to welcome four lovely new Interns into the Richmond family! Tom, Ben, Maisie and Sacha have now joined the Richmond team and, over the next twelve months, will be trying their hand at many new skills, including rigging over ten different types of boats, leading staff Bible studies, learning how to set the table for forty people and even cleaning toilets!

We caught up with the Interns, who are now three weeks into their internship, and asked them a couple of questions to see how it has been going so far!

Interns at sunset

After choosing to spend a year with Richmond, is there anything in particular that you are hoping to get out of the internship with us?

Tom:  I am looking to learn more about God and draw closer to Him throughout the year. Also, this will give me the chance to improve and sharpen my social skills, organisation and maturity levels so that by the end of the year I will be more prepared for the world that I’ll be going into. Not to mention to become a tidy windsurfer!

Now that you have experienced and been part of the last few weeks in Samos, what do you think it is that makes a holiday with Richmond different from other holidays?

Ben: I think that what is special about a Richmond holiday is the inclusive environment. People of all ages and from all walks of life are coming come together and getting to know each other. It has been fantastic to speak with so many different people. I had a great chat when sailing a Pico with one of our lovely guests: it was super to have the opportunity to spend the time to get to know each other and to pass on some of my newly acquired sailing tips!

 Samos Waterfront

One of the main jobs for our Interns, when in Samos, is being part of the waterfront team. How have you found working on the waterfront so far?

Maisie: I’ve really enjoyed working on the waterfront. Since we arrived we’ve been able to get involved straight away, shadowing other members of the waterfront team to learn all the different jobs down on the beach and in the boatyard. Tim, Alice, Sarah and Joe (last year’s Interns) have also been in Samos and they have passed on some great top tips! It’s been amazing to come and join such an energetic and loving team who are so humble and giving in their service to all the guests and one another too. One highlight of my time so far working as part of the waterfront team has been during the regatta, where I had the chance to go out with a guest in a double kayak. We had great fun trying to coordinate ourselves to get to the buoy and back in an attempt to win the race and not tip over!

In addition to the waterfront, there are many other activities run by the team, what activity have you helped to run over the past couple of weeks in Samos?

Sacha: One of my favourite evening entertainments on offer in Samos is definitely the ceilidh on the celebration (final) night. I really enjoy helping to run the dances with Hannah and Tim, and of course, participating in them, along with the rest of the team. Last night after the traditional ceilidh dances was over, some of us stayed back to run some ABBA-themed dances, which we enjoyed as much as the guests due to the hilarity involved! I’m really looking forward to more nights like this, where we cater to our guest’s interests, to allow them to get the best of their last night with us in Samos.

Samos Dancing

Our Interns will be helping to deliver fantastic Richmond holidays for the remainder of this summer in Samos, this winter in our ski resorts, and over the 2018 summer in Samos.