‘Yassou’ from Samos!

POSTED 19 July 2017 BY Hannah IN Summer, Themed Weeks, Travelling Alone, Richmond Team

Hannah - Samos Rep - and Kitten Psiliamos

What an incredible start to the season! We have been so blessed here on the stunning island of Samos, to enjoy the company of so many amazing, hilarious and lovely guests, who have made our first few months a total dream! We’ve been on so many adventures together: hiking over the hills, exploring beautiful Greek villages, cycling to all the little white chapels, sailing in the beautiful waters of Mykali Bay, and simply relaxing by the pool with an ice cream (or two) at Zefiros Beach Hotel.

We have also enjoyed some fantastic themed weeks over the last two months with a range of exciting activities on offer:

The walkers enjoyed a fantastic week trekking over the mountains to glorious coastlines and exploring many beautiful places around the island. (There is still space to join our walking week starting 21st September).

The dancers danced the nights away in the cool of the evening; it was a joy to watch, as they waltzed on the terrace with the Hibiscus trees and the Aegean Sea in the distance.

Samos Dancing week

The painters and photographers had an amazing two weeks with the lovely Mel Cooper, which included venturing out to some of our favourite spots on the island and capturing on film or paint various places of beauty around this glorious island.

Sunday evenings are one of my favourite times during the week! Sundays in Samos are all about community; with a communion service in the morning, followed by the feisty Richmond Regatta, and later on, an afternoon hike with Lynne. We have found the perfect way to finish off the day -  acoustic late-night worship on the beach. It’s such a beautiful occasion, to be lounging on the beach under the vast skyscape of stars, praising our Heavenly Father together, as one united group. It’s quite something!

Vourliotes cooking demo

We have a new excursion this year which we are SO excited about! The opportunity to visit Mr Nikos’ Taverna and family-run farm up in the mountain village of Vourliotes. The Taverna’s beautiful veranda overlooks the typically Greek mountain village and the shimmering ocean - it is quite simply stunning! Along with sampling copious amounts of their homemade wine and Souma (a very strong Greek Spirit!), there is a fascinating cooking demonstration, a tour of their amazing farm with Farmer Nikos (where you get to see their adorable piglets and goats!) The experience culminates by enjoying all of the delicious food that you saw being prepared earlier – including fresh goat’s cheese! One of the highlights of the day is that everything you eat is grown or reared on the farm - even the water is drawn from their own well! It is a wonderful, unique experience and a great opportunity to learn more about the Greek way of life!

So, if you are heading out to Samos this summer – the team and I cannot wait to see you and share with you some of these incredible experiences that I’ve mentioned above. If you have not yet booked, then check our current availability online and book your space soon before we are all sold out!

Náse kalá! (Have a nice day!)

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Vourliotes view