Doughnut Judge this Holiday Diet

POSTED 19 July 2018 BY Bethany IN Summer

samos triathalon

At the Zefiros Beach Hotel, it’s a good idea to remember this simple principle: the more you do, the more honey doughnuts you can eat! Bethany writes more....

I am not an exercise fan. I was never the fastest runner or keenest member of the

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How would you describe a Richmond Holiday?

POSTED 1 June 2018 IN Summer

Turkey-waterfront-minty-powerboat lg

Guests in Samos share their experiences and describe what they love about a Richmond Holiday...

Hopefully, this video gives you a better understanding of what exactly a Christian holiday with Richmond is like! 

Have a watch and if you have …

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One or Two Spoons?

POSTED 22 February 2018 IN Summer

Samos 17 rich tarr ice cream

One of our fantastic Interns, Sacha, has been reflecting on her time in Samos last September and has come up with a list of the places in Pythagoria that are essential to visit – especially if you fancy a sweet treat whilst on holiday in Sa

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