Andy’s top tips for a fantastic holiday in Samos

POSTED 21 June 2017 BY Verity IN Summer, Richmond Staff

Andy Roberts Samos

Andy, part of the Richmond office team, visited the beautiful island of Samos last week! Having not been to Samos before, he was given loads of tips by all of us here in the office about where he should go, what he should do and things he should see! Since returning, Andy has come up with his own, refined list of all his top tips for what to do when on holiday in Samos!

Andy says:

  • Visit the outdoor cinema one evening: one evening after dinner, we went to the charming local cinema and watched King Arthur in 3D! It was an amazing experience. During one scene, Arthur looked out of his castle to the stars, and with the cinema screen set amongst the starry Samos night, the image was magical! To top it all off there was a half-time break where we all got delicious home-made Samos honey donuts.
  • Make the most of morning Bible studies by the pool: there was a group of about five of us that met each morning for a short time of prayer and studying the Bible. It was a great way to start the day - putting God right at the centre!
  • Take part in the Richmond Regatta: My friend Jonny (who had not sailed before) and I decided that we would sail a Pico together for the regatta. Despite the light winds and our tendency to capsize(!), our perseverance pulled us through and we won one of the races!

Andy Roberts Sailing

  • Walk to Psili Amos and go snorkelling: One afternoon we walked around the coast to the nearby beach of Psili Amos. Here, we went snorkelling from the beach and spotted some colourful fish!
  • Sail the Laser dinghy: I fancied a bit of a challenge during the week, and decided to take out the Olympic class dinghy boat - the Laser. This was good fun and it felt different to the sailing I had been doing on Picos, as the Laser was much more responsive to my tiller movements!
  • Stretch at sunrise on the terrace: a couple of mornings during the week, a member of the Richmond team ran an early morning stretching classes on the terrace. It was a really peaceful time of the day and a perfectly cool temperature for some gentle exercise!
  • Learn how to windsurf: At the beginning of the week I was an absolute beginner windsurfer, having never had the opportunity to try the sport before. However, under the helpful tuition of Joe, one of Richmond’s Interns, I was able to gybe and tack up-wind by the end of the week! 
  • Hire an open-top jeep and explore Samos: we hired a jeep for a day and drove up the coast to the north-west side of the island. We found some more lovely beaches and even a spot where we were able to go cliff jumping(!)
  • Taste the ice-cream in Pythagoria: when going on a summer holiday, one of the essential things to do is find a great ice-cream shop! The shop named after its signature flavour, ‘Orange’, can be found along Pythagoria’s high street. My favourite flavour was mint chocolate chip. What made the ice-cream even better was the fact that whilst enjoying it, you can wander the cobblestone streets and down to the beautiful harbour where all the big yachts are moored.
  • Have a go at speaking with the locals: whether round the hotel, in a nearby village ordering an ice-cream, or in the local shops, I enjoyed trying out a little bit of Greek, such as Kalimera / Kalispera (Good Morning / Afternoon) Efharisto (Thank you) and Yassoo (Hello).

If you are interested in going to Samos this summer then contact the office to check our remaining availability. You too could be learning how to windsurf, eating ice-cream in the picturesque harbour and studying the Bible by the pool in no time! Click here for further information.

Andy Roberts Samos walk