Excited For The Summer In Samos!

POSTED 16 May 2017 BY Verity

Samos 16 Tim


This week, we caught up with our Interns to find out what they are excited about ahead of their summer working for Richmond in Samos.

Have a read to see what they have learnt during the Internship so far and how you can pray for them over the next few months!

1. What are you particularly looking forward to about working in Samos?

Tim: I am looking forward to learning new things when I’m working on the waterfront and during the times of ministry. I am also excited about the opportunities I will have over the summer to explore the beautiful island.

Alice: I am looking forward to the opportunity to work and live with a new team. Also, improving my windsurfing and learning how to be a great Windsurf Instructor -  and, of course, the added bonus of the Greek climate!

Joe: I love working outdoors and so I can’t wait to get back to the work on the beach. At the beginning of the summer season, us Interns will be completing our RYA Windsurfing Instructor qualification; I am looking forward to using that over the summer!  

Sarah: What I am most looking forward to is learning how to become a Windsurf Instructor and improving my water sports skills, both as a windsurfer and when working on the beach.

Samos 16 Sarah

2. What have you learnt and how have you developed since starting the Internship?

Tim: I would say that one of the things I have realised is the importance of being true to yourself and confident in who you - it’s such a close team that it will not take long for everybody to know each other inside out anyway! Also, that every moment in God is a new moment – so if you want to make a change or turn your life around then you can, with God’s grace.

Alice: I have learnt a lot about myself over the last few months, including how to work effectively in a team. Also, I feel that I have become more confident – both when working in a team and when public speaking. Also, (maybe most importantly?!) I learnt how to clean a toilet!

Joe: I feel I have developed more of a love for working in a team and appreciating other people’s skills and gifts, whereas before I would rather go at things alone. The nature of the work with Richmond is serving - serving guests and serving your team. I feel that I have had to humble myself in order to put others’ needs before mine in order to work well. “What would Jesus do?” has played a big part in my year so far.

Sarah: This has been the longest time that I have been away from my family, so during the five months of the ski season away from home I learnt a lot. Particularly, I have learnt how to manage working in such a tight knit team and how to keep a smile on, even when I’m tired!

Ski 17/18 Ski Group Snowball fight

3. What is one of your favourite memories of when you were in Samos last September?

Tim: I have so many that it is hard to pick! I would say that being in resort and experiencing what the Richmond holiday in Samos is all about was fantastic. If I had to pick, I would say that the beautiful scenery everywhere, the opportunity of working on a beach, and cliff jumping were particularly amazing memories!

Alice: It has to be going sailing for the first time! It was great to learn how to steer, tack and gybe the boat, understand the wind direction and feel confident and in control enough to go out sailing in one of the Picos by myself!

Joe: One of the highlights from last September was spending time with the other Interns. You can be in the most beautiful place in the world, but if the people aren’t great and you can’t enjoy these experiences with anyone, then it’s never going to be as good as it could be.

Sarah: Aside from the fun of working with the waterfront team, my highlight from September was when I got the opportunity to go on the Richmond day trip to visit Ephesus, in Turkey. It was amazing to go to the place where Paul preached and walk around this ancient city.

Intern 2016/17

4. Is there anything you would like prayer for?

Tim: I was told that doing seasons like these either make or break you! I feel that I have been built up in a new way - and am all the better for it! So, I pray that I am able to grow in the right way and become the man God wants me to become!

Alice: It would be great to have prayer for cohesion within the team, and that we work efficiently together to serve everybody who will be coming out on holiday to the best of our abilities - thank you!

Joe: I think I can speak for the whole team and ask for prayer for energy and enthusiasm through the whole season, as the work on the beach is pretty physical and the dancing on the terrace in the evenings is even more so!  

Sarah: Over the summer, I would appreciate prayer for stamina so that I can pace myself and, as with the ski season, remember to keep on smiling! Also, it would be great to have prayer for patience whilst I’m learning all these new exciting things!

With the Samos season beginning later this month, it would be great to see you there! Learn how to windsurf under the tuition of the newly qualified Interns, join in with the fun evening entertainments, and make the most of the swimming pool, tennis courts, sun-loungers and other facilities the hotel has to offer! Find out more about Richmond’s Samos holidays here: http://rmhols.uk/2i94p1N

Samos 16 kayak pulling