Sunshine, panoramic views and a shoe full of mud!

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Muddy Trainers - Reberty Summer

As I sat in the minibus on the way up the mountain road towards the Reberty chalet, from my pick-up at Geneva airport, I was looking out of the window watching bee hives, cows and green grass speed past. The vibrant summer scenery so different to the snowy landscape I am so used to seeing on the mountain, having spent a few ski seasons in Reberty village! On arrival I was met by the welcoming staff team who took my bags and told me about all the exciting plans that were in store for everybody over the week!

Over the week I got the chance to explore the beautiful mountains on various walks with other guests around the valley. We began the week with a walk led by Abi, the Activities Manager, to the beautiful picnic stop ‘Lac du Lou’ where I paddled in the foot-freezing melt-water lake and spotted a few of the famous alpine whistling marmots! On another day we walked along the river to the typically French village of St Martin de Bellville, where we perused the weekly farmers market and sampled some of the local goats’ cheese, honey and wine! A few times during the week I had the opportunity to use the chairlifts to enjoy some breath-taking viewpoints, which included looking out towards the Matterhorn of Switzerland, Mount Blanc and the impressive Italian mountains.

walking at Reberty Summer

One day, I joined a group from the chalet who were going mountain biking! With the help of some of the chairlifts, we followed various mountain biking tracks to explore the area around St Martin de Belleville and Les Menuires. It is an incredible way to enjoy the mountain, covering a huge area much quicker than if I was on foot and also getting a real adrenaline buzz on some of the trickier tracks.  One part of the cycle ride sticks in my mind - I was following in the trail of Abi, who had maneuverered her bike over the boardwalk to miss a rather large muddy puddle. Having watched Abi’s descent and planning my route down, to also miss the mud, I took off speeding over the boardwalk and bearing right to go up onto the bank where I teetered in a moment of hesitation. A moment too long I realised as I toppled over straight into that muddy puddle! Despite that rather sticky end I really enjoyed myself mountain biking and decided that despite the stares that I got the rest of the afternoon from passers-by who contemplated my cycling ability (based on the fact my left side was completely covered in mud) I would definitely do it again!

On the lookout for another fun activity to end the week I came across the leaflet for ‘Mountain Adventure’ and decided this sounded like something I would want to try! So that is where I headed on Friday afternoon following a delicious lunch time BBQ with everybody at ‘Plan de l’Eau’, a picturesque picnic site next to a meandering melt-water river and landing site for the paragliding. Situated in Val Thorens, ‘Mountain Adventure’ is a high ropes/via ferrate/zip wire course that you can take at your own pace completing the different stations as you go. It was great fun, I particularly enjoyed the zip lines between some of the stations which went over some huge drops! The route ended with an obstacle course that crossed over a lake and as I navigated my way over one of the barrels I found myself plunged hip-deep into the refreshingly cool water! Although a surprise to suddenly be in the water, at least when I looked down I saw the mud being washed from my trainers!

I found Reberty a fantastic summer holiday; the resort surrounded by stunning scenery and the fun and friendly staff team led a superb programme of daily and evening activities that everybody could get involved with during their holiday. I was also impressed with how many activities were on offer -  with opportunities including paragliding, zip lining, archery, volleyball, fishing, white water rafting, via ferrate and swimming. I was sad to leave at the end of the week, having had a great time making new friends and participating in many exciting activities throughout the week.

Verity Cime Caron

Much Love


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