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Meet our new Interns!

POSTED 15 September 2017 BY Verity IN Summer, Richmond Staff

Intern girls 2017-18

We can’t believe it’s this time of the year already - time to welcome four lovely new Interns into the Richmond family! Tom, Ben, Maisie and Sacha have now joined the Richmond team and, over the next twelve months, will be trying their hand…

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Samos Update

POSTED 24 May 2016 BY Linda IN Summer


Dear All

In my first few days as Resort Outreach Pastor, it has been wonderful to meet the truly lovely 2016 Richmond Samos team, as well as visit the refugee camp here, catch up with friends in and out of the camp and get a general feel fo…

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Samos - Day 1

POSTED 19 May 2016 BY Lynne IN Summer

Samos Sunset

It’s just beautiful! Clear blue skies, warm breezes, sparkling turquoise waters, happily singing birds, fluttering butterflies, an array of colourful flowers and a very wonderful team!... It’s simply beautiful! I am quite sure it’s a foreta…

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