Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a Christian to come on a Richmond Holiday?

No, not at all! Richmond is delighted to welcome all people - whether you profess a Christian faith or whether you are just thinking about Christianity or indeed if you are decided against faith. 

Am I financially protected?

Yes, one hundred percent! All holidays booked with Richmond are 100% financially secure. As a member of TTA - the Travel Trust Association - all your money is placed in an independent Trust Account until you return from your holiday. So by definition your money is fully protected. If you book a package holiday with us including flights then you are protected by our ATOL License.

What is “Christian” about these holidays?

Firstly, all our staff teams are Christians and they meet around the Word and pray every morning. Secondly there’s a Pastor Teacher on every holiday whose role is to organise a short morning prayer meeting and the formal ministry meeting each evening at which there is usually singing, prayer and a short Bible talk. The Pastor Teacher is also available at times during the day and evening for individual conversations, informal counselling and prayer.

Must I attend the meetings?

No - it is your holiday and these are purely optional! You choose exactly what you do each day. Usually most guests will take part in the evening meetings (which last about 45 minutes or so, before dinner) but there is no pressure to do so.

I have special dietary requirements

That is no problem. In our ski resorts (and summer alpine resorts) we employ our own Chefs and we have much experience of providing for your specific needs. In the summer hotels we can pass on your requests but it is sometimes not possible in Greece and Turkey to cater for every requirement. Please ring our team at Sunrise House and we will do everything we can to ensure your stay is as comfortable as possible.

How long has Richmond been going?

Richmond Holidays was started in November 2007 by Jeremy Smith and Ben Turner. Richmond Holidays is in fact based in Kingston-upon-Thames, firstly based at the home of Ben and Clare Turner and now in offices on London Road. Richmond is now a full member of the Travel Trust Association and gained its ATOL license in 2011. 

Where did the name “Richmond” come from?

During the weekend when Richmond started and we had only hours to set up a ski season from a standing start as well as establish companies in England and in France, one decision to make was the name. Running round the local park early on the Sunday morning, names like Kingdom or Grace holidays were dismissed, but the name of the park - Richmond Park - gave inspiration to the company name! Kingston Holidays didn’t seem to have the same ring!

What is Sunrise House?

Originally the company was operated from the “Games Room”, formerly a garage, at the home of Ben and Clare Turner. Instead of using their home address, we named the small office Sunrise House. It comfortably housed six staff, desks, PCs, the network, filing, copier and tea and coffee facilities! After three years the opportunity came to move Sunrise House to new offices, which are near the town centre of Kingston-upon-Thames.

Who owns Richmond?

The parent company Richmond Holidays is wholly owned by Ben and Clare Turner. However the trading company, Richmond World Holidays Ltd, is just over 50% owned by the parent company and the rest is owned by around forty friends, supporters and guests of Richmond. The first Annual Meeting of Shareholders was held at Sunrise House in April 2011. There are a number of shares still available for purchase - please enquire to the company if you are interested.

Who runs the business?

The Chief Executive is Ben Turner, who founded the business with long standing prayer partner, Jeremy Smith. Clare Turner, who is married to Ben is full time Director of Customer Services.

What is the accountability structure for the Chief Executive?

An Advisory Board was set up to which Ben reports. This meets quarterly and is chaired by Non-Executive Director, Nick Dale, who also acts as the Non-Executive Finance Director. Other Non-Executive Directors are Peter Grange, David Fullbrook, Dave Fenton, Bernard Bentley and Gaynor Burton.

Are there ways I can support Richmond?

Yes indeed! The very best way for ensuring the continuation of Quality Christian Holidays is twofold: firstly by prayer and we issue a twice yearly Prayer Letter; secondly, by coming on our holidays and by recommending us to your family and friends, churches and house groups. We have a database of Church Partners who receive mailings about three or four times per year. Please contact us for more information.

Other Questions

If you cannot find the answer to your question here please feel free to phone us on 020 3004 2661 or email